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All the Way From Tuam
The Saw Doctors second album includes John "Turps" Burke a former band member. All The Way From Tuam was produced by Neil Tennant. Even though it was recorded in Wales and England in 1992, the album includes songs written in the late 70's and 80's.The front cover photo was taken at the Glastonbury Festival. The song "Never Mind the Strangers" has more recently been used by Harp to promote their beer in the United States.

SIDE ONE - Green and Red of Mayo, You Got me on the Run, Pied Piper, Me Heart is Still Living in the Sixties Still, Hay Wrap, Wake Up Sleeping, Midnight Express.
SIDE TWO - Broke My Heart, Exhilerating Sadness, All The Way From Tuam, FCA, Music I Love, Yvonne, Never Mind the Strangers.

Apples, Sweet and Chocolates
Its the secret and unlisted song that you'll find at the end of the fourth album Songs From Sun Street. It can be found approximately 8 minutes after the last listed song - I'll Be On My Way.Written by P Stevens, D Carton, L Moran and P Doherty. The brass band stuff at the end of Apples Sweets or Chocolates was put together by Derek Murray. I think the idea for a secret song came from Pearse who is a fan of the band Beck who have done similar thing in the past.

Ballinrobe is mentioned in the song Pied Piper... "You can stroll through Cong or Ballinrobe or walk the streets of Tuam..."

Ballybunion is (according to a mighty source of information) could be where an annual matchmaking festival is held? Can anyone confirm this? And apperently where they have bachelors competition!!!! Sounds like fun!

Barrett, Niall
Niall Barrett - The Saw Doctors Stage Manager. Will give out setlists if asked nicely. Is definately Carmel Mannions' son as mentioned in ATWFT album.... thanks Tammy!

His goal celebration at Cambridge1999 is now legendary.

Beatles, The
The Beatles are mentioned in the song Me Heart Is Still Living In The Sixties Still. "When the Beatles say "She loves you" (Yeah yeah yeah!)...Its the biggest teenage thrill...Oh me heart's still living in the sixties still..."

Black Rock
Black Rock, Salthill is where you will find the "Tower Of Love" - the diving board tower at the pool.

Blaze X
This was the punk band that Davy Carton and Paul Cunniffe belonged to in the 1970's - the band split in 1981 - has anyone any other info on the band, please? Some of the material from Davy's Blaze X days still survives including "I Useta Lover" which evolved from "I Used to Love Her", fans never seem to tire of it! The band supported U2 on a Irish tour. Following the death of Paul Cunniffe, Davy has released "BlazeX" - The Saw Doctors have been playing 3 BlazeX songs during 2002 including Summer Girl and Some Hope - the CD is available through the Docs Office

Breathnach, Paraic
Long term friend and Galway Arts Festival manager. The former Saw Doctors manager got them their first residency at The Quays Bar in Galway City, after seeing them play at a Macnas party.

Brian Boru
First King of Ireland - the children hear about Brian Boru at school and mentioned in a song somewhere!

Brownes Pub
Brownes Pub is in Tuam Co.Galway, but you won't see the sign above the door...

Buckley, Ray
Niall Barrett told the Saw Doctors about Ray Buckley - he used to fish out on Lough Corrib - when he died his family scattered his ashes on the waters.The result of this beautiful ballad sung by Davy "Carry Me Away" on the album Songs From Sun Street.

"...and somewhere up near Inchagoill in the embers of the night switch off all the engines at the birth of dawn's first light and someone sing a happy song when everyone's arrived and scatter me forever where I've felt most alive carry me away..."

Burke, John "Turps"
Turps was a guitarist in the Saw Doctors for a number of years, he decided to leave the band. His contribution to the band can be heard on the first two albums,including "Only Girl", "Freedom Fighters", "Hay Wrap" and "Me Heart..."

“Illuminate” is the first solo album by Turps – John “Turps” Burke, formerly guitarist, singer and songwriter with the Saw Doctors (1988- 1992). “Illuminate” reflects the many sides of Turps’ musical personality – full tilt rockers, funky cool groovers, acoustic ballads – all topped with his trademark sweet melodies and warm contemporary setting. Ten Track album - info taken from Official Website.

Burke's Bar
A bar to get a drink or three in Clonbur, apparently the food pretty good! Very nice for a pint of Guinness, and if you're there on a Friday night when Matt and Kevin are playing, nice for a real old-fashioned dance too - Conemarra set, a few waltzes, ceili dances...

Also Kieron Burke the landlord has a display above the bar of all the teams in the All Ireland, a little model fella in county colours for each county, and on the Sundays when rounds are played, in the evening he has a little ceremony of turning the losers round - so, when you go in, the ones on the glass case facing outwards are the ones still left in the competition! (Thanks Sal for all this info!)

The Keane family come from here - Dolores very well known singer, and Sean her brother who sang at Fisheries Field this summer as guests of the Saw Doctors - their aunts are very well known Sean Nos singers, and Turps Burke's father sang with them - Dolores and her aunts all appear on the CD of the BBC series "Bringing it all back home" from a few years ago...

Carton, Davy

This is Davy Carton the Saw Doctors lead vocalist and guitarist. Born on the 10th April 1959, he celebrated his 40th birthday in 1999. Davy was originally in an Irish punk band called Blaze X, the band split in 1981. He continued to work in a factory in Tuam, met up with Leo Moran and Mary O'Connor and the rest is history!

"Catriona Tells Lies" one of the songs on the fourth album "Songs From Sun Street", doesn't sound like a nice person whoever she represents - She'll never get to heaven!

Clare Island
Clare Island is the beautiful Island off the coast of Co. Mayo, you can get there by taking a ferry from Roonagh - weather permitting! Visit Clare Island Tourist Board for lots more information on the islands community, walks and places to stay. Grainne O'Malley the famous pirate had Clare Island as her stronghold. Clare Island was released as an EP in Ireland only... "will you meet me on Clare Island, summer stars are in the sky, we'll get the ferry out from Roonagh and wave all our cares goodbye..."

Clare River
Clare River winds its way through Co Galway from Dunmore in the north, Milltown, Tuam, Claregalway and into Lake Corrib - just above Galway City - in fact Clare River seems to twist itself along the N17 !!!! Mentioned in the song Pied Piper... " Now there's just a pile of rubble, where the workers used to go, just a stones throw away from the river bank, through which the 'ould Clare River flows... "

The village of Claregalway is situated along the N17 between Tuam and Galway City. It is mentioned in the song we turned left at Claregalway I could feel a lump in my throat...

Clew Bay
Clew Bay, Co. Mayo is dotted with small islands, surrounded by mountains to the north (Nephin Beg Range) and the south (Partry & Maumturk Mountains and Connemarra). You can follow the N59 around Clew Bay, or head inland from Westport (N60) towards Castlebar. Mentioned in the song Green and Red of Mayo "...where Saint Patrick in his solitude looks down across Clew Bay with the ringing of his bell called the faithful there to pray, there to pray... "

Clonboo is a village in County Galway, travel up the N84 towards Headford and you'll pass through it. Padriag Stevens lived here!

The town nestles between Lough Mask and the head of Lough Corrib in Joyce Country, situated on the R345 on the Co. Galway boarder with Co. Mayo. You'll find Burke's Bar here. Clonbur has been the inspiration for numerous Saw Doc songs including JCCB - a group of traditional musicians played in Clonbur every other Friday night..

" We're the Joyce Country Ceile Band, playing away and we're doing grand, if we're singing a song won't you give us a hand - cos' we're the Joyce Country Ceile Band... Friday night off we go, tune the fiddle, string the bow... "

Cong ia the village where "The Quiet Man" starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara was filmed. It is also famous for the Cross of Cong, said to contain a relic of the True Cross, now kept in the National Museum in Dublin. Cong is mentioned in the song Pied Piper... You can stroll through Cong or Ballinrobeor walk the streets of Tuam...

One of the four Provinces of Ireland. Mayo, Galway, Leitrim, Roscommon & Sligo make up Connacht. The football teams in each Province play in a league and the winners go on to the finals (I think)... ask Leo.

Connemara lies to the north-west of Galway City, known for its rural community, national park and beautiful scenery. For lots of information on Connemara visit their website.

Crimlin East
The Walsh Sisters hail from Crimlin East. They are known to fans as the sisters of the JCCB. Leo and Pearse used to go and listen to them play.

Croagh Patrick's Peak
At 765 meters the peak stands proud over looking Clew Bay & out towards Clare Island & the North Atlantic. Mentioned in the song Green and Red of Mayo... " From its rolling coastal waters, I can see Croagh Patrick's Peak, where one sunday every summer, the pilgrims climb the reek... "

Cunnife, Paul

This is Paul Cunniffe. He was in the band Blaze X with Davy Carton in the 1970's. In the earlier Years of the Saw Doctors he supported the Saw Doctors on a UK tour, and has frequently played venues around London. One of his songs "Everybody Dreams" features on the "Friends Demos and B-Sides" CD Album. Sadly and tragically died in 2001 and is buried in Tuam.

Daly, Nora
Nora Daly was a Clare Islander and owner of the last post office on the Island, she is mentioned in the song Clare Island... it also the name of a boat... " gettin' weary of the city, seems so many things have changed, lets head off to Nora Daly's home, where she walked it never rained..."

Doherty, Pearse

This is Pearse Doherty - born in Donnegal on 25th June 1966. Pearse joined the Saw Doctors in 1988 just before they supported The Waterboys on theor UK tour. He didn't get his Science degree from UCG because he joined the band. It was Derek Murray, at the time working with The Stunning, who suggested Pearse to Davy and Leo. Pearse plays bass guitar, tin whistle and also vocals - more recently singing lead on songs on the fifth album Villains? One of his favourite gigs to date is the Royal Albert Hall.

Donnelly, John

This is John Donnelly - born 14th February 1972. John joined in 1988/89 when Padraig Stevens decided life on the road wasn't for him. When John joined the Saw Doctors he had just returned from Scandinavia "on tour" which later turned out to be John touring as a chicken for some reason. His drumming style was "energetic" apparently he can't keep still, gets bored easily and has run marathons. John was the beat behind the melody for 11 years until leaving the band in 2000, at the end of the British and Ireland tour, apparently to concentrate on settling down. He is the Master of the Macnas Drummers in Galway and married in 2002

A clothes stores in Ireland. Such a good shop its mentioned in the song Will It Ever Stop Raining "...I've walked out to Dunne's, I'm all set for the summer, all set for the sun... "

Dylan, Bob
Bob Dylan is mentioned in the song "Me Heart Is Still Livin' ,.." He is also one of Pearses' favourite artist "...Bob Dylan says 'times are changin' but I know they never will, oh me heart is livin' in the '60's still... "